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With its many different models, divided into large,
 medium and small and
 available in various versions,
Genesis has the widest range of attachments available.


Indeco HP hydraulic hammers are an outstanding expression of Italian high-tech and construction quality applied to demolition. In-depth research into hydraulic systems, materials, heat treatment and accessories have enabled Indeco to establish a reputation on markets throughout the world for product excellence. With its many different models, divided into large, medium and small and available in various versions, Indeco has the widest range of hammers available anywhere in the world. This provides end-users with a huge choice, ensuring that they can find the ideal hammer/excavator match.

Mini hammers

Despite their compact size, Indeco's range of small hammers are exceptionally reliable, quiet and efficient, and best suited for such jobs as excavations work, highway maintenance, demolitions and recycling in city areas and building refurbishment. Their versatility makes them extremely efficient in specialist jobs such as maintenance in iron foundries.

Midi hammers

Their excellent weight/power ratio and their slimline structure make the mid-range Indeco hammers the ideal choice for classical applications, such as demolishing buildings, earthworks in inhabited areas and secondary demolitions in quarries, as well as for more specific tasks. In fact, mid-range hammers are used for underwater work (using a special kit) as well as for digging narrow deep trenches and removing casting slag from blast furnaces.

Maxi hammers

Combining maximum power with the effectiveness of intelligent technology, Indeco's larger hammers are unbeatable when it comes to completing the toughest jobs in the shortest possible time-frame – whether it's the biggest demolition jobs, primary breaking in quarries, digging foundations, or excavating huge rail and road tunnels.

1 Intelligent hydraulic system.
2 The synchronised internal distributor and piston maintain the same axial line.
3 Oil cushion to reduce harmful low frequency shock waves.
4 Short hydraulic flow pattern with dynamic sealing.
5 Casing in HARDOX© steel.
6 Piston.
7 Centralised greasing point.
8 Quick-change bushing replaceable on site.
9 Lower shock absorber to reduce the axial stress between the hammer.
9 Side shock absorbers to reduce radial vibration and noise level.
9 Upper shock absorber to reduce axial vibration transmitting to the excavator boom.
10 Wear and sound deadening plates.
10 Internal sound-absorbent lining in super-soundproofed Whisper versions and independent housing.
11 Rechargeable nitrogen accumulator.
12 ABF System to eliminate blank firing.
13 FS hydraulic system for lower fuel consumption.           

Hydraulic Hammers HP Series

All of the HP Fuel Saving breakers save up to 20% on fuel consumption.